You turn left I turn right to be left alone You sneeze I cough with pneumonic plague syndrome You snore I suffer from millennium insomnia I try to be like you, you try to be like someone else I put a brave face, posting the latest manicured photo I compare you contrast I envy the […]

This Morning

This Morning This Morning This morning is fresh This morning is new I never knew This morning I never lived This morning I only hoped That I will wake up with my borrowed breath In my sight to be holds, Mighty God’s glory To pinch myself as I dance in the morning dew And listen […]

Stop Whining and Start Raining

  I see an apple yet you keep insisting it’s an orange Both have different color and taste. You are convinced that grass is greener over the fence Instead water your own backyard. The forest is the same Only creatures change Your creature is creepy and broken Could you remove your self-inflicted woes? Remove also […]

Just Do It!

Remain calm, Don’t do it Just do it It’s coming Oh! My oh my! Don’t tell your Doctor just fart Don’t look around We aren’t watching No shame or guilt but our noses smell a rat   You won’t be uglier you already are You won’t be smarter you already are You won’t be prettier […]

This Bee

Zzzzzzzz am not sleepy neither dead Zzzzzzz am not mad neither crazy I am just a busy bee zzzzzzzz not a busy body eeeee Zzzzzzz am a little here and a lot there Zzzzzzz am a little more there and voluminous here I love flowers so bring em every Friday or I will zzzzzzzz   […]